Households allows Helpers to create and view household relationships for the Seekers that they are helping.

Households can contain the following information about household members:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Relationship to head of household
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Comment (including additional information)

How it Works

Seeker Profiles are automatically created any time a referral or Assessment has been made for a Seeker by a Care Manager. They are also created when a referral has been received by a CBO, or when the CBO adds a referral to the Inbound Referrals Dashboard.

From a Seeker Profile, Helpers can create “Households” to view Seekers' relationships. Households can be created under the Household section on the left hand side of the profile.


Creating a Household

Clicking “Create” under the Household section will display a box where the Household can be created.

Head of Household

Each Household must include one Head of Household. When creating a Household, the current Seeker Profile will automatically be made the Head of Household. Other member’s can be made the Head of Household, but the Household will not save without setting a Head of Household.

Adding Members to Household

More members can be added to the Household by clicking the “Add Member” button. For each Member added, a Relationship to the Head of Household must be selected. All other fields are optional. Once all members have been added, the Household can be saved by clicking “Save.”

  • Households members do not link to Seeker Profiles. Creating a member does not create a Seeker Profile.
  • Household members do not need to have legal relationships with one another.


Viewing & Editing a Household

Once a Household has been created, the button that formerly said “Create” will now say “Details.”

An overview of Household members is visible directly from the Seeker Profile. In the collapsed view of the Household, the following information is visible:

  • First and last name for each member
  • Each member’s relationship to the head of household

After clicking the Household “Details,” this additional information about each member of the household is visible:

  • Date of birth
  • Relationship to head of household
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Comment (including additional information)


Removing Household Members

Removing Household Members can be done once opening up the Household in the Details view. Next to each Household member will be an “X.” Clicking the X will remove that member.

Save must be clicked in order to save changes.

Household Visibility

Households are visible to anyone who has access to the Seeker Profile.

By default, information about the Seeker will populate based on activities the Helper has done on behalf of the Seeker. If the Helper is in a group with Team Navigation enabled, other members of their group will also be able to see and interact with the profile. All Claimers will automatically see profiles of all Seekers who have been referred to their program. If they want to see additional referrals other Claimers have made for the Seeker, they’ll need to turn on Team Navigation/Sharing.


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