My Activities


The My activities dropdown will display information such as requests you have submitted via the Suggest a Program feature, Program Change requests, Claiming requests and your contributions and articles/spaces you are following.

Once logged in, “My activities” can be accessed by clicking your name in the top right hand corner.


There are three sections under My activities:

  • Requests 
  • Contributions
  • Following



The Requests section will display all requests you have submitted through the platform. This would include:

  • New programs you have suggested to the site
  • Program edit suggestions
  • Claiming requests

Under Requests, there are three different tabs:

  • My Requests will show any tickets where you are the submitter
  • Requests I'm CC'd on will show all tickets that you have been copied on
  • Organization Requests is a list of tickets submitted by anyone with you same email domain

View the Status of you Requests

Under the My Requests tab, on the right hand side, you can view the status of your individual requests:

  • Any ticket in the Open status means that this ticket has been created and assigned to a member of the Data Operations team who is reviewing the request
  • The Awaiting your reply status means that our team needs more information to complete the request. They may be reaching out to the organization or to the person who submitted the request to confirm program information
  • Solved means that the ticket has been solved and a response to your request has been delivered


Under Contributions, you can view all comments you have written on Feature Update posts .

Feature Updates allow you to stay up to date with updates and new features on the platform. You can subscribe to Feature Updates by clicking “Follow.”




Following is where you can view any post or pages that you are following. When you are following a page, you will receive notifications when those are updated.

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