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Programs that receive referrals may take different actions when helping someone seeking services (Seeker). If they want to keep track of those activities so that they may report on them, they can use Data Collection Forms.

Data collected in these form can be used to help Programs understand trends related to how they serve their members, or provide information to funders about the impact of their services. 

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How it Works
Filling Out Data Collection Forms
Setting Up Data Collection Forms


How it Works

Programs can set up their own forms with the different data points they’d like to collect. Once setup, Data Collection forms can be filled out from the Inbound Referrals Dashboard where they may access the forms at any time to fill in information or make edits. Submitted forms can also be seen from the Seeker Profile.

All submitted forms will appear in the Data Collection Analytics dashboard.


Filling Out Data Collection Forms

Once set up, the form is associated with your referrals. You and other Claimers on your program can fill out Data Collection Forms from the Inbound Referrals Dashboard, under the forms section.


Select the Data Collection form to fill it out. To save your responses, choose “Save Draft”. To submit your response, so it shows in Analytics and is available for printing, click “Review and Submit”.

On the Inbound Referrals Dashboard, new forms will say “New”, forms saved as drafts will say “Update”, and submitted forms will say “View”.

Saving a draft allows users to save what information they currently have, even if they don’t have all the information required in a form.

Submitting a form requires that all mandatory fields are complete. Once a form is submitted:

  • Detailed form responses show in reporting

  • Are available for printing


Editing Data Collection Forms

Because these forms are internal to your program, Claimers can edit Data Collection Forms, even submitted ones, at any time; just choose the form. If the form has already been submitted, click “edit as a draft”. This will allow you to edit the form, save it, or resubmit it.

Printing Data Collection Forms

You may print submitted Data Collection Forms. Select the submitted form, and click print at the top.


Setting up a Data Collection Form

To set up your Data Collection form, choose "New Data Collection Form" under settings on the Inbound Referrals Dashboard. Once set up, you can edit your form in the same place.



Title and Instructions

Name your Data Collection Form and add instructions for other Claimers using the form.


Adding Sections


Add different sections of questions by clicking “Add Section”. You can choose from standard sections or they can create custom ones. All questions must be in a section.


Adding Questions

Once a section has been added, the you can add questions. If you choose a standard section, there will also be standard questions that you can choose to add. You may also create custom questions and responses.

You may choose the Question Type from a drop down menu, including long answers, radio dials, checkboxes, and more.

To make a question required, check the the “Required” box.


Editing Sections and Questions

Sections and questions can be moved up and down by clicking the up/down arrows in their respective section. Sections, questions, question types, answers, and eligibility can all be edited by clicking the associated pencil icon and making changes.

There are no character limits for short text or long text fields.


Editing/Adding/Removing Questions from Existing Data Collection Forms

Once a Data Collection Form has been created, Programs can edit the questions asked in the form by going to Settings > Edit Internal Data Collection Form.

Any changes made will be applied to all data collection forms, even previously submitted forms.

Any deleted questions will no longer be available in previously submitted forms. However, any data that was submitted will still show in your reporting.


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