Connect Overview


The Connect button tells you how to best connect with a program. This may be by going in person, scheduling an appointment, contacting through the site, or filling out a Screener. The Connect button on each program will reflect the program’s contact method and help them start the process of reaching out for services.


How it Works

The Connect button is on every program listing on the platform and on sites that have live referrals enabled. The Connect button tells you the best way to contact the program and may also be used to make and track referrals.

When using the referral functionality, an outbound communication will be sent to the Community Based Organization (CBO), and to the Seeker. Read more about that to learn how Referrals work.

Some sites may turn off the Connect button if they do not want information sent to the program or person seeking services through the platform.



By default some Connect buttons send information outbound to the Community Based Organization (CBO) and Seekers. Some sites may want to track referrals, but not send information to the CBO and person they're helping through the platform. When tracking-only is configured, no outbound communication (emails or text messages) will be sent.

All the referrals will be logged for the person who logged the referral in their People I’m Helping Dashboard. No referral information will appear for the CBO in their Inbound Referral Dashboard.


Updating the Connect Button

Aunt Bertha sets the button initially based on our research. Programs can Claim their listing and update this information. Once they have claimed, they can edit their Contact Settings.


Connect Buttons Options



ea3fc476-01e7-4755-8e7f-a0415d4ed398.png This Apply icon will appear if a Screener is enabled on the program. Users connecting to this program will fill out the Connect Form and then fill out the Screener.
7911b928-8bec-4556-aed1-1bb32a4a8dea.png This External Apply icon will appear if the best way to connect with a program is through an external application, typically hosted on their website.
f5f37bf6-7818-4675-990c-3cbd2f313ba7.png This External Contact icon will appear if the best way to reach the program is through a contact form on their external website.

This Contact* or Refer* icon will appear if the best way to reach the program is though a referral made through the platform.

This is the same setting, however the language on the button changes based on the type of user.

Non-logged in users and some logged in users will see “Contact Here” as they are more likely to “Contact” an organization, while logged in users who typically help others will see “Refer” because as a helping professional, they are more likely to “Refer” someone to a program.

Depending on the screen size, users may see "Contact" instead.

Learn more about Aunt Bertha referrals here.

33a34376-1f36-4e60-8365-2b2a98289a40.png This Schedule* button will appear if the best way to connect with a program is to schedule an appointment either through the Aunt Bertha Scheduler, or through the program’s own scheduling functionality.
5ab3479c-c782-4e74-92fc-bc22e431febb.png This See Next Steps button appears if none of the other options are true. This typically appears when the best way to reach a program is to call, email, or go in person.
d0350423-2f9f-4ae7-8c09-4a2ae14adcbc.png *When “Tracking-Only referrals are enabled, “Log Referral” will replace the starred, “Contact,” '' Refer,” “Schedule,”and “Apply” buttons.
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