User Accounts and Permissions Overview


User accounts, provisions, and groups give access to tools and information on the platform. Depending on a user’s provisioning and their group, they will have access to different tools and information. There are three types of users:

  1. Users who sign up for an account

  2. Claimer who can manage information about their programs listed on the platform

  3. Site Worker who can access the tools and information on a Customer Site

Once a user has been authorized, they can be put into groups for access to additional tools and information.

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User Accounts
User Provisioning 
User Authorization

User Accounts


Anyone can have a user account when they sign up on any platform. Users can log into their account on or any Customer Site. However, the tools and information they can access will depend on their authorization for whichever site they log into.


At the most basic level all user accounts have the following tools:

  • Ability to save notes for themselves in My Notes

  • Ability to save Favorite folders for themselves

  • Ability to manage referrals for themselves, or referrals that they have made for others

User Provisioning Overview

Once an account has been created, users can be provisioned to access to additional tools based on who they are and how they use the platform.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of authorization:

  • Program Provisioning gives a user access to a program listed in the Aunt Bertha Social Care Network. We call these users Claimers as they become authorized by “Claiming” their program. Once authorized, a user can:

    • Manage their program information

    • Respond to people inquiring about their program

    • Set up Intake tools to help manage inquiries
    • Share referrals they've made and other navigation activities with other members of their team with Team Sharing
    • View Program Analytics
  • Site Provisioning makes someone a Site Worker and gives a user access to additional functionality on a Customer Site, such as:

      • Assessments 

      • Guided Search

      Additional Site Groups can enable supplemental tools such as access to Site Analytics. 

      • Share referrals they've made with other members of their team with Team Navigation

      • Access to Site Analytics

Generally users are authorized for only one of these. However, depending on the Customer, users may be authorized to have access to both a program, and a Customer Site.

Authorizing users for Programs and Customer Sites is managed separately through different tools.


User Authorization Tools

Programs Provisioning can happen via:

Site Provisioning can happen via:

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