Feature Updates

Feature Updates allow you to stay up to date with updates and new features on the platform. To sign up for Feature Updates, you must be logged in on the Help Center.


Signing Up for Feature Updates

To sign up for Feature Updates, follow these steps:

Option 1 (recommended)

  1. Log in to your social care platform (not the Help Center)

  2. Click “Support” to be taken back to the Support Center

    • When you're logged in on your platform, we'll automatically log you on to the Help Center when you click "Support"
  3. Click “Feature Updates” icon on the Help Center

  4. Click “Follow”



Option 2

You may also log in directly from the Help Center:

  1. Click “Sign In” This will take them to the FindHelp.org login page where they can enter their credentials and be taken back to the Help Center.

  2. Click “Feature Updates” icon

  3. Click “Follow”


Implications of Option 2:

  • Users will be taken to findhelp.org to log in, regardless of their site affiliation

  • Single Sign On (SSO) users will not be able to log in this way as SSO is not supported on findhelp.org. SSO users should always use Option 1.


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