From the People I’m Helping Dashboard, you can select the Seeker Profile of the person you're helping to see the different navigation activities you or your team team have taken on their behalf.

Submitted Assessments and their corresponding search results are visible here under the “Forms” section. Submitted Screeners are also visible here.

Claimers will also see their completed Data Collection forms here. 


How it Works

Any forms that are submitted for the person you are helping are automatically added to the Seeker Profile of that person. Forms are located on the left hand side. Forms that are visible here are submitted:



Click “View” the responses to the Assessments the Seeker has filled out. 

Click “See Search” to see the search results (Program Recommendation Summary or Highlighted Search) that the Assessment generated. When clicking “See Search” you will automatically be put into Seeker Context so you may easily make additional referrals.

To undo an assessment, click the three dots. This will undo the most recent assessment, as well as any Goals that were created by the Assessment.

“Start a Form” will create a new Assessment for that person and pre-fill any of their corresponding Personal Information.


Who can see submitted Assessments?

Users can see submitted assessments if:

  • They submitted the assessment on behalf of the person they're helping
  • Another user in their Team Navigation group submitted an assessment for the person they're helping
  • Assessments were shared with their group at the Form or Kiosk Level 


Screeners that were submitted at the time of referral are visible in the Forms section.


Who can see submitted Screeners?

Users can see completed screeners if:

  • They have claimed the program that received the referral and Screener

  • They submitted the Screener on behalf of the person they're helping

  • Another user in their Team Navigation group submitted the Screener for the person they're helping

Data Collection Forms

Data Collection Forms allow Claimers at programs to collect additional information for how they are serving the people seeking services from their program. Submitted forms will appear in the "Forms" section.

Who can see submitted Data Collection Forms?

Users can see completed Data Collection Forms if:

  • They are a Claimer for that program

Start a Form

The Start a Form button allows users to start an Assessment (if the Site has one configured) directly from the Seeker Profile page. Answers on the Assessment will be pre-populated by information saved on the Seeker’s profile. If there are multiple assessments on a White Label, there will be a dropdown and the Helper can choose which Assessment.


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