Seeker Profiles


The Seeker Profile is a page that brings together the different navigation activities you or your team are taking on behalf of someone you're helping. Seeker profiles can contain the following information:

We call it the "Seeker" profile because it's the profile of the person "seeking" services.

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How it Works
Who Can Access Seeker Profiles
Activities in a Seeker Profile
Archiving Seeker Profiles
Flagging Seeker Profiles


How it Works

From the People I’m Helping Dashboard or Inbound Referrals Dashboard, access the Seeker Profile for the person you're helping.

Seeker Profiles are automatically created any time a referral or Assessment has been made for a Seeker by a Helper. They are also created when a referral has been received by a program, or when the program adds a referral to their Inbound Referrals Dashboard.

From here, you can follow up on referrals, add notes, update personal information, create goals, and review Assessments. By default, any new referrals or Assessments will be added to the Seeker Profile.


Who Can Access Seeker Profiles?

By default, the person taking these actions on behalf of the person that is being helped will have access to the profile.

If users are in a group with Team Navigation enabled, they can see additional activities other users in their Role have done on behalf of the same person.

Users who receive referrals to their program, will automatically see profiles of all people who have been referred to your program. If you want to see additional referrals other Claimers for your program have made for the person who was referred, you’ll need to turn on Team Navigation.

Note: Seeker profiles are not created for self-referrals or self-assessments. Additionally Seeker Profiles are not created when a you “share” a program with someone.


Activities in a Seeker Profile

Seeker profiles can contain the following information and activities:


Stores documents important for helping a Seeker and connecting them to programs.


This keeps track of completed Assessments and Screeners submitted by or on behalf of a Seeker. For Claimers, this will keep track of Screener responses as well as other Program Forms.


Provide structure, insight, and context for navigating on behalf of the person you're helping.

Navigation Activity Tracking

Custom drop downs for Enterprise Customers, allow Customers capture usage or navigation data over time.

Navigation Notes

Notes can be made on Referrals, Goals, as well as general Navigation History.


Update referrals using Statuses: Not Updated, Needs Client Action, Pending, Referred Elsewhere, Got Help, Couldn’t Get Help, No Longer Interested.

Seeker Personal Info

A summary that displays the person you're helping's basic contact information.

Enterprise Customers can set up additional Custom Profile Fields which can be displayed on the People I'm Helping Dashboard. Talk to your Customer Success Manager about which Fields you would like to show as columns on the People I'm Helping Dashboard.


Follow-Up Dates

In the Personal Info section, Follow-up dates for Seekers can be set by clicking "Edit Personal Info" and using the "Next Follow-up Date" field to add a date. These dates will also be filterable on the People I'm Helping Dashboard



Archiving Seeker Profiles

Screen_Shot_2019-07-24_at_1.38.47_PM.pngWhile Seeker Profiles cannot be deleted, they can be archived by clicking the archive folder icon on the top right of the Seeker Profile, or by hovering over the name in the search on the People I’m Helping Dashboard. Once archived, the profile will be archived for everyone that has access to that Seeker Profile.

To unarchive the profile, search for the profile and check the “show archived profiles” check box to view it. Then follow the same steps by clicking the folder icon.


Flagging Seeker Profiles

Screen_Shot_2019-07-24_at_1.41.04_PM.pngSeeker Profiles can be “flagged” to come up to the top of the People I’m Helping Dashboard by clicking the flag icon on the top right of the Seeker Profile.

Once flagged, the profile will come to the top for everyone that has access to that Seeker Profile.

To flag a profile:

  1. Navigate to a Seeker Profile by clicking on a name

  2. In the top right-hand corner you can click the flag button

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