Analytics Overview

Tier: Free, Claimer, Basic, Professional, Enterprise


Aunt Bertha’s Dashboards provide both high-level and detailed views of your social care network, community needs, and activity. 

In addition to tracking your impact, whether it be personal, programmatic, or platform-wide, you will be able to monitor key metrics such as users, searches, and connections to programs. Analytics allow you to make data-driven decisions so that you may help as many people as possible.

The Benefits of Our Analytics Suites:

  • Always Available, Updated Daily: Your analytics suites are always available on your Site Analytics page, and are updated daily, meaning you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to gather key insights.
  • Filters and Data Ranges: Analytic suites allow you to change various filters and data ranges, meaning you can slice and dice data in the way you want.
  • Downloadable: Dashboards and reports are available to download as a CSV file if your team wants to further analyze the data.

Depending on your role or organization, you may have access to one of the following Analytics suites:

Personal Analytics

Tier: Free

The My Activity Dashboard is available for all users and shows metrics for the activities you've taken on the site.

Dashboard Name


My Activity Dashboard

  • Your most recent search activity
  • Your referral activity
  • Recently added programs in your area
  • Your searches by dates


Program Analytics Dashboards

Tier: Claimer

Program Analytics are available to all users who have claimed a program on the platform. These dashboards reflect metrics for managing your program such as how often people are interacting with your program, inbound referral requests, reporting on Screeners, if you have one set up.

If you have yet to claim your program go to:


Dashboard Name


Claimed Program Dashboard

  • The number of times your program showed up in searches on Aunt Bertha
  • The number of people who viewed your program
  • Where people are searching for your program
  • Referral and status information for referrals made to your program
  • Programs people have clicked, who have also clicked on your program

Screener Dashboard

  • The number of Screeners submitted over time
  • Eligibility breakdown of submitted Screeners
  • Average time to complete your screener
  • Referral statuses
  • Screener response details


Site Analytics Dashboards

Tier: Basic, Professional, Enterprise

Site Analytics are available for all Customers who have a branded Aunt Bertha platform of their own. Customers can provision users to access these dashboards with the User and Group Management tool.

Each report in the Aunt Bertha Analytics Suite answers different questions you may have, and thus focuses on a different piece of functionality. 

When deciding on which dashboard you want to use, first think about the questions you want to have answered, and the information you’re trying to gather to answer those questions.

Below is a helpful chart listing out which dashboard corresponds to what kind of questions:


Dashboard Name

                                                    Questions Answered

Site Activity

Site Activity Summary

  • How many and what type of people are interacting with the platform?
  • How are these users engaging with the tool?
  • What are the trends over time around users, or how users engage with the tool?

Search Activity

  • What are the general search trends in terms of volume, search term, and geography?
  • How have searches within a service category changed over time?
  • How have searches within a certain geography have changed over time?

Flyout Activity

  • How many times did the Flyout appear?
  • How did users engage with the Flyout?

Network Overview

  • What are people looking for on my site, and how is that different from the greater overall network?
  • What do my users, searches, and connections look like against the broader network in my community?

Needs Analysis

Assessment Activity

  • How many assessments were submitted over time?
  • How many people were assessed? And what proportion had a need identified?
  • What social needs trends were observed?

Site Assessment Details

  • Who are the individuals who have been assessed through the platform?
  • What are the individual seeker, social needs, and helper details of each assessment that is being completed?

Referral Activity

  • How many referrals have been made? For how many individuals?
  • What are the statuses of the referrals? Were people able to get help?
  • Which programs are referred to most frequently? And are people able to get help?

Site Referral Details

  • Who are the individuals who have been helped through the platform?
  • What are the program, provider, and helper details of each referral that is being sent?

Staff Adoption

Group and Worker Activity

  • How often are groups and/or individuals using the site?
  • What group(s) is an individual user a part of? 

Resource Management

Program Summary Dashboard

  • How many programs are in my service area? And are they claimed?
  • What programs do your users commonly engage with on your sites? And how are uses engaging with them (i.e. interact, connect, refer) 


For additional details on the dashboards listed above, please view the detailed Site Analytics Overview articles.


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