People I'm Helping Dashboard


The People I’m Helping Dashboard and Seeker Profile pages enable you to keep track of the people you are helping, and how you are helping them. 



How it Works

The People I’m Helping Dashboard enables you to keep track of the people that you are helping.



The “People I’m Helping” Dashboard is a dashboard and search page where you see a list of people you have helped via:

  • Referrals you've made
  • Referrals you've received or added (Programs)
  • Assessments you've made

To access the People I'm Helping Dashboard, from the main menu choose People I’m Helping > People.

From here, you will see a list of the people that you're helping and key information about them. Using the search, you can locate specific individuals by name or email address.

Once you have located the person you are helping, you may search for additional programs on their behalf, or access their Seeker Profile to view or track updates for how you're helping that person.

Enterprise Customers, or Customers with Custom Seeker Profile Fields enabled will have additional search, display, and filtering options.


Columns on the People I'm Helping Dashboard

Most of the columns on the People I'm Helping Dashboard are fields in the Seeker Profile. Enterprise Customers can request Custom Profile Fields to capture additional information. These fields can also be displayed as columns on the People I'm Helping Dashboard.



Standard Fields

Standard fields include:

Additional Fields

Enterprise customers can request additional Custom Profile Fields. Common fields include:

  • Unique Identifiers like an ID number or MRN
  • Date of birth
  • Street address
  • Preferred language

Filters on the People I’m Helping Dashboard

By default, users may filter the People I'm Helping Dashboard by Follow-Up Date, which can be set in the Seeker Profile.


Enterprise Customers that add additional Custom Seeker Profile Fields to the Seeker’s profile will have additional filtering options. 


Any discrete fields such as dates or drop downs will create additional filtering options. Free text or short text fields are not currently searchable/filterable.

For example, you can search for a patient ID. You can also filter by Custom Fields like follow up date, navigation status, and more. Check out the Custom Seeker Profile Fields section on the Seeker Personal Info  article to understand how these work.


All columns can be sorted by clicking on the column name. 

Flagging Seeker Profiles

Seeker Profiles can be flagged for follow up and will remain at the top of the list on the People I’m Helping Dashboard. This is a site-wide setting, meaning the Seeker Profile will be flagged for all users who have access to that profile.

To flag a profile:

  1. Navigate to a Seeker Profile by clicking on a name

  2. In the top right-hand corner you can click the flag button

The flag can be removed in the same way it was applied.

Searching for Programs for Seekers

The "Start a Referral" column has a link for each row that starts a program search in seeker context for that Seeker. 


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