Manage Team Sharing


When Team Sharing (Team Navigation) is enabled for your program, all other Claimers can see and interact with Referrals made, Navigation Notes, and Goals, that another person in their role has made for a Seeker. Team Sharing is on by default for programs claimed after July 7, 2020.


How it Works

When team sharing is enabled, all Referrals made, navigation notes, and Goals will automatically be shared with all other claimers on your program. These can all be accessed via the People I'm Helping Dashboard > People.

Sharing begins when Team Sharing is enabled on your My Team page. Any referrals, notes, or goals that are done before Team Sharing was enabled will not be shared.

New Claimers joining your program, will be able to see past referrals up to the point that Team Navigation was turned on. Additionally, any new referrals the new Claimer makes will be shared with the rest of the team. If they had past referrals before they were apart of the Team Navigation role, they will not be shared.

Enabling/Disabling Team Sharing

  1. Navigate to your My Team page.
  2. Click to “Edit Settings”
  3. Activate Team Sharing for the program you'd like using the “Activate Sharing” button.



To deactivate Team Sharing, follow the same steps but click "Deactivate Sharing".



When you deactivate Team Sharing, all previously shared Referrals, Goals, and Navigation Notes will still be visible, but new activities will not be shared.

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