Kiosk Mode Overview


Kiosk Mode allows Customers to protect Seeker data on a public device. With Kiosk Mode enabled, Seekers can search for programs, connect to programs, and access site-specific tools like Assessments. This feature prevents login for Seekers and once finished, their user session will be refreshed to protect their information from the next user.

Once the Seeker is finished, their session can be cleared. Their information has been cleared, and the device is ready for the next Seeker.

Learn more about the configuration options and how to turn on Kiosk Mode for your site.

How it Works

When Kiosk mode is enabled, the Seeker will be able to do a search, connect to programs, and, if enabled, complete an Assessment.

  • With Kiosk Mode enabled, the login button on the top right is locked so that the Seeker cannot log in
  • Once the Seeker has finished their session and are no longer looking at programs and/or have completed their assessment, a user can click “Clear Session” at the top right
  • This will clear any stored information from the assessment, or any Connect forms so as to not inadvertently show that information to the next user

Kiosk mode is enabled and disabled by staff using a Kiosk Code.


Enabling Kiosk Mode

Once Kiosk Mode is enabled on your site, the “Kiosk Mode” link will appear in the bottom bar of the site so that staff can turn it on or off.

  1. Click "Kiosk Mode"
  2. Select your location and enter your Kiosk code
  3. Click "Start Kiosk Mode"

Now the platform is in Kiosk Mode.


Clearing Sessions

Seekers can use the platform however they would like. When they are finished, they should select "Clear Session", or a staff member can clear the session for the next user.


Turning Off Kiosk Mode

By default, Kiosk Mode will be enabled for 24 hours. If you'd like to end Kiosk Mode early, click "Kiosk Mode," select your location, and enter your Kiosk Code again.


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