Program Recommendation Summary (PRS)


A Program Recommendation Summary (PRS) is a short, printable, curated list of programs that will be generated for people after they submit an Assessment, based on the needs they identified.




Within the PRS, you will see a heading for each section where a need was identified in the assessment. 

Featured Programs will show at the top of each section (folder), with the remaining programs sorted by distance within each section. 

The list can be printed or saved. Additionally, you can refer directly from the PRS.


Setting up a PRS

  • Customers will first have to set up a set of Favorites folders that ultimately map to the Assessment responses that generate the PRS.
  • These folders must have link-sharing turned on so users can access the programs inside. 
  • These folders optionally can be shared with a group if the entire group wants to assist in editing and updating the program list.
  • These links will need to be sent to a Customer's Customer Success Manager and they will need to know which Assessment questions should trigger each folder's contents to be added to the PRS.
  • These Favorites folders will need to maintained over time.
  • It is important to have at least one program in every area where a person looking for services (Seeker) would be screened for a need.


Accessing a PRS

After an Assessment has been completed, a Helper can view the PRS directly from the Seeker Profile under the Forms Section


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