Password Tipsheet



A strong password is important to protect the security of your network. Very simple passwords can be easily guessed or hacked, while more complex passwords can be difficult to remember.

  • Remember to change your passwords regularly. Your Aunt Bertha Platform will require you to reset your password every 3 months at a minimum.
  • Password should be unique to you and hard to guess

    • Try not to create passwords containing words or numbers which are identifying to you. For example, you should not use your birthday, birth year, or the name of your hometown.
    • Ideally, passwords do not contain full words as these are easier to guess or hack.

  • Passwords are confidential
    • You should remember that passwords are specific for you and should be used only for your accounts. Do not share your passwords with others.
  • Use a password manager to store and update your passwords.
    • A password manager can be a great tool for storing your passwords and allows you to only need to remember one password, rather than many.
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