Aunt Bertha Intake Tools


We offer multiple intake management tools to claimed organizations so you can manage incoming applications how you want, these include:

  1. Screener Form—determine eligibility with up to 20 questions of your choosing
  2. Intake Scheduler—schedule an intake appointment right within Aunt Bertha
  3. One-step Referrals—receive just the name, email, and phone number of applicants

To set up one of our intake management tools be sure to log in to your Aunt Bertha account > Select "My Program Tools" > "Edit Program Listings" > Click on the blue "Edit Contact Settings" button. 



Screener Form


Screener is an eligibility form that enables claimed programs to gather additional information from people in need who are attempting to receive services. It adds an extra layer to ensure that a person who is interested in your program is eligible for those services.

Learn more here. 


Intake Scheduler 


Intake Scheduler allows claimed organizations to easily create, schedule, and manage appointments with people in need of services as a key step in their intake process.

You will be able to show availability for appointments, book appointments on behalf of people n need or allow them to book for themselves, schedule appointments for colleagues and save calendar invites to colleagues' work calendars. 

Learn more here. 


One-step Referral 


One-step referrals are a standard low barrier inquiry, enabling you to receive contact info by email when someone makes a referral on Aunt Bertha.

Learn more here.  

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