Adding Programs to your Site


Aunt Bertha has a robust data team that proactively researches and adds programs to the platform. You can suggest programs for us to add to our platform. However, to ensure resources are accessible and directly help people who are searching for services, the programs on Aunt Bertha’s database must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Free OR reduced cost (ex: Sliding scale cost programs)
  2. A direct service (ex: Food pantry instead of a food bank)
  3. A social service (ex: Homeless shelter, versus a non-profit softball league)

How it works

If you are a person who uses Aunt Bertha and would like to 

  • Suggest a program, please use our “Suggest Program tool. You can always access the tool from the footer of your site.
  1. You’ll first need to check if the program is already in the database by entering in the program name or providing organization, and any other details you know about it. 
  2. If there is no match, then please enter in the required fields marked with an asterisk, along with any other information you have. 
  3. Click the “Add Program” button at the bottom, and Aunt Bertha’s data team will review your suggestion and reach out to the organization to verify the information you provided. 
  4. If it meets our guidelines, it will be added within 2 business days (pending verification from the organization).
  • To suggest more than 10 programs, please fill out this approved template and send it Programs submitted via this template will be scheduled in the order they are received and may exceed our standard 2 business days turnaround time. Our Data Operations Team will notify you upon completion.

We break down the priority of reviewing programs into two categories: 

  • Critical programs for launching your site
      • These are the top 50 programs that you, or your key community based organizations, provide to us internally that must be in the database before launch.
  • Next priority
    • These are programs that are used by your program staff, but are not critical for launch.

Our team continuously adds and maintains resources, as well as responds to seasonal and disaster events, such as programs related to the annual flu season or summer forest fires.

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