Suggesting Programs


Aunt Bertha has a robust data team that proactively researches and adds programs to the platform. You can suggest programs for us to add to our platform. However, to ensure resources are accessible and directly help people who are searching for services, the programs on Aunt Bertha’s database must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Free OR reduced cost (ex: Sliding scale cost programs)
  2. A direct service (ex: Food pantry instead of a food bank)
  3. A social service (ex: Homeless shelter, versus a non-profit softball league)

How to Suggest Programs


  1. Click "Suggest a Program" on the bottom right hand side of the page in the footer
  2. Enter the information of the program into the form
  3. Check if Aunt Bertha already lists the program you've searched for
  4. Add any additional information about the program
    • If you work for the organization being suggested, click the "I work here" checkbox. We will follow up and invite you to claim your program.
  5. Click the "Add Program" button at the bottom


How Quickly Will my Program be Added?

Our data team will verify the program. If the program meets our requirements of being a direct social service that is offered at a free or reduced cost, we will add it to the network.

For individual program suggestions, we have a response time of two business days so you will know if/when the program is listed.

Programs submitted via this template will be scheduled in the order they are received and may exceed our standard 2 business days turnaround time. Our Data Operations Team will notify you upon completion.

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