Setting Up Your Account


Anyone can use for free and can use the site without logging in to search and connect to programs. Creating an account gives you access to additional features such as:

  • Saving and sharing lists of your favorite programs
  • Contacting and referring directly to programs you find
  • Keeping notes about programs and/or the people you’re helping

If you work for a Program listed on the platform, creating an account will also allow you to

  • Update program information, availability, and contact information
  • Managing referrals to, and from, your programs
  • Access data analytics about your program and the community that you serve.

Table of Contents
How to Create an Account
Other Ways to Create Accounts
  Program Invitations
  Customer Sites
Logging Out
Account Troubleshooting

How to Create an Account

  1. 1. In the top right hand corner, click "Sign Up."


    2. On the sign up page, choose if you want to sign up by email, text message, or Google. When entering your account information, you may also set an optional username to login with going forward.

      • Note for users signing up with email, use your work email or number if this is a work account, and your personal email or number if this is a personal account


    3. Create a password with a minimum of 8 characters with 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase, and 1 special character.

    4. Check the box to affirm you have read our terms and conditions.

    5. Choose whether you are searching for services for you and your family, or helping  other people

    6. Click "Get Started!"

    7. You will then be sent a confirmation link via email. Please click on the link within 24 hours to confirm your account.  If you do not see the confirmation email, be sure to check your spam or junk folder.

    You will know you are logged in because your name will appear on the top right hand corner of your screen.


Other Ways to Create Accounts

Program Invitations

  • Users who work at programs listed on Aunt Bertha may be invited to create an account and join that program.
  • The My Team Tool is used by claimed Programs. Program Admins can invite additional people to join their team to give members of their organizations access to edit program details, see analytics and benefit from all other claimed provider resources without every team member having to go through the process of claiming their programs.
    • When users are added through this tool, they will be sent an email asking them to activate their account


Customer Sites

  • Customers with their own sites may invite people to their platform using the User and Group Management tool. This will send invitations to users and allow them to create passwords.
    • Users will receive an email with a link to verify their account and set their password. This link will expire after 24. hours.
  • Users logging in via Single Sign On will have their accounts auto-created


  • Accounts are created when a Connect/Referral form is submitted for or by a user without an account
    • This means if someone refers a Seeker to a program and that Seeker doesn't already have an account, an account will be created for them with the contact information provided in the Referral.
  • Accounts are created when a Log a Referral form is submitted for or by a user without an account

Users who have their account created via the submission of a Referral or Log a Referral form can proceed to set up and access their account by resetting their password, using the name and email address or phone number that was used for the Referral.




Logging Out

To sign out, click on your name in the right hand corner and click "Log Out". You will automatically be logged out after 30 minutes of idle time.


Account Troubleshooting

If you're logging in and not seeing Referrals that you expect to see, it could be that your account was created using different information than what was used when making your Referral.

Seekers may be notified by email or text message when a Referral is made on their behalf. Seekers can use the information provided in these notifications to set up their accounts. If the Seeker is contacted via email, they can set up their account by clicking "Sign Up" and using the same email address to create an account.

Matching Contact Information 

If you received a notification via email, use the email address where you received this notification to create your account. Please do not include a username.



Create your account using the phone number where you received a text message from the platform. Please do not include a username.



If you have access to a Seeker’s Seeker Profile, and are helping them set up their account, their information should match what’s in the Seeker Profile.


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